Jim White has been told by a contact at Rangers that the club has “no intention of engaging” on the Covid breach that’s engulfed the Scottish game. 

He said they were shutting the issue down as far as the media is concerned.

That comes after a speech by first minister Nicola Sturgeon who said that Scottish football had to get its house in order.

Talking on the White & Jordan show on Tuesday (talkSPORT, 11am), White played a clip of the Sturgeon speech where she said, “I don’t care what club it is that’s breaching the rules, if you’re breaching the rules you’re in the wrong.

“It’s really frustrating… Can I say to football, please make sure your house is in order because it shouldn’t take me standing here to say to highly-paid footballers that you have to obey the rules. The fact it does is highly frustrating to me, I don’t care if it’s Rangers, Celtic or any other club, it’s not on.”

“Strong words from Nicola Sturgeon there yesterday,” White said. “The game in Scotland has been on a yellow card as she said before for some time. There’s a suggestion there that ‘I’m starting to get annoyed now and might lean towards a red card’.

“Interestingly, on the Rangers situation, a fellow at the club told me this morning, ‘We’ve no intention of engaging on this issue. The first statement we made clearly said we will be making no further comment.’

“So Rangers have effectively shut this down.”

Simon Jordan replied saying, “Rangers are shutting it down because they’re doing their own investigation and they’ll deal with it accordingly, and the media will make them be accountable if the players have breached the Covid protocol.”


Gers doing things the right way

Rangers were criticised by Simon Jordan on Monday when he said that the club could have put out a clearer statement of intent.

The statement that was released merely said that Rangers were “aware of an alleged incident which is subject to an internal investigation.”

This is the right thing to do given the gravity of the situation.

If you’ve been following social media and reports that have come out, names have been named and punishments suggested without any official confirmation.

The alleged breach needs investigating properly and we’ve got no doubt that when Rangers do complete their investigation, they’ll be transparent about how they arrived at their decision and what decision they’ve made.

It doesn’t help anyone to make rash declarations in public before all the information is known.

Obviously, it does seem like something has happened that’s involved Rangers players.

Luckily, it was discovered before they came into training on Monday morning or the situation could have been a lot more serious.

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