talkSPORT host Jim White has detailed what he has heard about the alleged breach of Covid regulations by Rangers players.

The alleged incident occurred at a house party after Rangers beat Killie on Saturday.

A report in The Athletic has said that Calvin Bassey and Nathan Patterson are two of the players involved but there’s been no official confirmation yet.

Rangers put out a short tweet on Sunday night saying that it was investigating.

Talking on the White & Jordan show (talkSPORT, Monday, 1.30pm), Jim White said that he had been told that Gers were investigating “numbers and circumstances”.

“Rangers, we hear, are investigating these allegations of players breaching Covid rules, attending a party,” White said.

“Not so long ago Nicola Sturgeon claimed Scottish football was on a yellow card, it begs the question could this lead to a red card?

“There’s been radio silence from Rangers but I was told last night that they’re investigating numbers and circumstances.

“If you’re at the top of the club you want to find out more. They’re going for a historic title win, they don’t want anything to distract from that.

“Last night, what struck me, when this broke, following the statement, I looked on social media and the number of comments that were flying in, irrespective of who it is, how could they at this particular time with Rangers flying towards the title, how could they, whoever they are?”

Simon Jordan said, “They [Rangers] could have perhaps have put a more compelling statement out there, saying Rangers condemn any breach of Covid regulations, expects a high standard from its players, will be investigating thoroughly and will deal with players accordingly if it’s proven to be true.”

Journalist Bill Leckie was also on the show and he said, “It would be appalling for everyone in the game if, because of something like this, there was a red card produced.

“I can’t say if there’s enough in it, but it’s not going to help anyone.”


Tough times ahead for Gers and the players involved

Jim White has echoed what we’ve been thinking… How could the Rangers players involved – if the allegations do prove to be true – have been so stupid?

And, from what White said, it seems it is true with Gers trying to establish numbers involved.

Did they seriously expect to get away with going to a house party in today’s social media world?

Did they give any thought at all to what their actions could have done?

It’s not been the first breach and it won’t be the last but each one is worse than the previous one.

You could argue that the first time this happened, the players could plead some sort of ignorance.

But, after high profile cases in the media and the repercussions have made big headlines, this doesn’t wash anymore.

Two Gers players have already suffered from their Covid breach and it looks like there will be others now.

They can expect the same treatment and a very long, hard road back to win fans over.

There simply is no excuse.

In other Rangers news, BBC journalist relays angry Sturgeon response when asked about Gers players and Covid breach


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