Editorial Team

Site Editor: Mike Slater

East Kilbride-based Mike is a sports journalism graduate who bleeds red, white and blue. From the days of the 2008 UEFA Cup final to playing Peterhead in the fourth-tier, Mike has never given up on his Ibrox season ticket and will be the first to admit he cried tears of joy when Rangers secured title No 55 last season. You can read more from Mike here.

Ibrox News Pundits

Pundit: Tam McManus

Ibrox News is delighted to welcome Tam McManus as an exclusive pundit. Tam may not have played for Rangers in his career but his expertise on Scottish football is up there with the very best. The former Hibernian and Dundee striker notched up 111 top-flight appearances in Scotland in his career and also played in MLS and the League of Ireland. Read Tam’s reaction to all news Rangers here.

Finance expert: Dan Plumley

A senior lecturer and researcher at Sheffield Hallam University, Doctor Dan joined our team in November 2021. Since then, he has demystified the world of football finance and governance for our readers. Never more at home than when pouring over a spreadsheet, he crunches the number so you don’t have to. Read Doctor Dan’s financial expertise about the Gers here.


Senior Contributor: Doug Ward

Doug had the time of his life following Rangers around Europe in 2021/22 and firmly believes the Rangers he’s always known and loves are back. Favourite player? Easy, it’s Paul Gascoigne and no one else even comes close. Read more from Doug here.

Senior Contributor: George Overhill

George is a sportswriter with degrees in Sports Journalism (MA) – University of Brighton – and Politics (BSc) – University of Southampton. Sport, and especially football, has been his first love since the age of four, although football tests that sometimes. Also particularly interested in the women’s game and the NFL. Read more from George here.

Senior Contributor: Pranav Shahaney

Pranav is a sports journalist who graduated from St. Mary’s University, London, with a Distinction in Sports Journalism (MA). He has over six years of experience working inside newsrooms and has been writing about football since the age of 15. Long-form tactical articles and investigative pieces hold a special place in his heart. Read more from Pranav here.

Contributor: Daniel Feliciano

Daniel is a football writer who has a great thirst for the Premier League and other major European leagues. A lover of the beautiful game and a firm believer that the eye test is better than statistics. Also an avid MMA fan. Read more from Daniel here.

Contributor: Saikat Mandal

Saikat is a sports journalist who graduated from University of Bedfordshire in mass communication (MA). He has over 10 years of experience working for various reputed websites. Apart from football, he loves watching F1, golf and cricket as well. Read more from Saikat here.

Contributor: Joe Ellis

A sports journalism graduate from Staffordshire University, Joe is not only an avid football fan but also cricket and motorsport. He even crashed a single-seater car during a driving experience at Oulton Park. Read more from Joe here.

Contributor: Sam Stone

Sam is a sports journalism graduate from the University of Brighton. Sam has a huge passion for football writing, particularly the EFL, having visited 68 of the 92 EFL grounds. Sam has previous experience working on radio stations and loves to play cricket and golf in his spare time. Read more from Sam here.

Contributor: Liam Thomas

Liam has been working as a journalist and editor for five years, mainly covering German and Greek sports. His love for the game started early on Sunday mornings by watching Football Italia on Channel 4. Other than football, Liam loves MMA, boxing and rugby. Read more from Liam here.

Contributor: Sean Fisher

Sean is a sports journalist who graduated from UCFB (Etihad) with a degree in Multimedia Sports Journalism. Self-proclaimed champion of Fantasy Football and obsessed with statistics. Aside from football, he enjoys following Formula 1 and NFL. Read more from Sean here.