Nicola Sturgeon has delivered an angry response to the alleged Covid breach by Rangers players. 

As relayed by BBC journalist Chris McLaughlin, Sturgeon said, “I feel it’s taking me all my power not to stand here and use expletives when I get asked about football.”

Sturgeon had already handed Scottish football a “yellow card” after Covid breaches by Aberdeen and Celtic players.

According to a report in The Athletic, four Rangers players were involved in the latest breach, which was at a house party after the game against Kilmarnock on Saturday.

That report named Calvin Bassey and Nathan Patterson as two of the players involved.

How stupid are some people?

Rangers are flying high at the top of the Premiership and about to win the title.

The first leg of the Europa League knockout game against Antwerp is this Thursday.

All of that has been put at risk – allegedly, we have to add – by some Rangers players.

There is simply no excuse. They can’t claim ignorance after prior incidents and they’ve put so much at risk it actually beggars belief.

We can’t believe they’d risk their teammates’ health and the immediate future of Scottish football just to attend a house party.

Rangers have released a very brief statement but it doesn’t say anything at all and we’d expect a far more detailed response from them later.

In the meantime, fans are quite rightly expressing how they feel and we wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of any of the players involved.

In other Rangers news, ‘Get them out ASAP’, ‘Unforgivable’ – Many Bears respond as details emerge on latest controversy.


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