Former Rangers player Stuart McCall has detailed his shock at the news that some Gers players have allegedly broken Covid-19 protocol.

The Athletic reports that four players are being internally investigated by the club, naming two of those players as Calvin Bassey and Nathan Patterson.

The duo are understood to have attended a party – just like Jordan Jones and George Edmundson did in the autumn.

McCall cannot believe it has happened again and heavily criticised their actions.

He told BBC Sportsound (16/2), “I’m absolutely astounded, especially because it’s happened not so long ago with two Rangers players.

“So, you can imagine the meetings they’ve had at the football club, Steven Gerrard and everyone throughout the club, knowing the rules, we all know the rules.

“You saw the punishments the other two lads have had, you’ve got a European game coming up on Thursday, you’ve got a chance to go and win a title.

“Honestly, they must be the thickest people on the planet because it defies sense, doesn’t it? Common sense.

“You’re disrespecting him and the football club by going and breaking the rules that could hurt your football club. It’s crazy.”


Undermining team cohesion

This latest incident, if true, is a real slap in the face for Steven Gerrard.

The Rangers boss recently spoke about the culture he has developed at Ibrox during his tenure on the Robbie Fowler Podcast.

He said the people at the club were key to building a winning mentality and recognised it has been a long-term project to get to the point we are at now.

To have it undermined by players being selfish not once but twice must really rub him up the wrong way.

Stevie G was ruthless with rule-breakers Jones and Edmundson and sent them out on loan last month.

Those allegedly involved this time around are also fringe players so their Ibrox futures are now in doubt.

They should be let go as we should not be giving second chances to people who so brazenly disobey the rules and undermine the good work of others at the club.

We hope this is all resolved soon as we have huge European fixtures coming up.

The incident could act as a big distraction but we trust Gerrard to deal with it well, just as he did back in November.

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