By Daniel Feliciano

20th Sep, 2022 | 4:10pm

Simon Jordan mentions 'toxic' Rangers past live on talkSPORT while blasting Celtic for anti-monarch chants

Simon Jordan has compared Celtic’s vile anti-monarch chants to the financial problems Rangers had in the past, calling the club “toxic” live on talkSPORT.

Celtic have shown total disrespect to the royal family since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September, singing vile songs and complete disregard for the attempts to pay respects in their presence.

But after Graeme Souness suggested that sponsors would be unhappy and could avoid the club, Jordan claimed that he expected them to be fine in the long run and compared it to when Rangers “were running EBTs” and eventually found themselves in major financial troubles during his appearance on talkSPORT [20 September].

Having a freedom of speech doesn’t entitle you to run into a full building shouting ‘fire’ and being abusive about a monarch isn’t the same as having freedom of speech,” he said.

“Celtic have missed a trick but do I think in the long term they’ll lose endorsements or brand sponsorships? No, I don’t because like everything in life they’re moments in time.

“I’m a realist and in the commercial world we live in then it’s dollars for doughnuts. The Rangers brand was as toxic as it could get. Everyone knows they were running EBTs and got themselves bounced out of the league.

“We’re talking about toxic brands. If you’re a commercial sponsor and you see yourself aligned to a brand that’s not particularly fulfilling the values of football, and sporting merit and achievement and value and aspiration then you will distance yourself but Rangers have reclaimed their space among the elite and are a club would seek to endorse.

“And Celtic will go past this.

“It’s not a view they haven’t held before. It’s a tragedy a minority of their imbecilic fans felt the necessity to be able to do this at this particular time but it’s not a view we haven’t heard before from them.

“But it’s unfathomable why Celtic and its leadership would not want to say something about the minority of fans that did something that most people would find unacceptable, unnecessary, unpalatable and diminishing of a football club’s profile and reputation.

“They must have their reasons and I wonder if former chief executives would have operated differently.”


What an absolutely ridiculous and pathetic comparison to make, simply because the two clubs are rivals on and off the pitch.

Rangers are not perfect and they were rightly punished for what they did in the past, but they have come back from it and are arguably stronger now than they ever had been.

What Celtic did was downright vile and pathetic and has likely offended millions of people, and not a single authoritative figure has come out to condemn the actions of the fans whether it was a minority of them or not.

To compare that to financial problems that the club went through because of poor management by individuals running the club is sickening and completely wrong.

It’s disappointing because Jordan has been on the money with a lot of his comments so far surrounding the monarchy and the respect shown by football, but this is just plain wrong.

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