By Daniel Feliciano

20th Sep, 2022 | 3:09pm

Dermot Gallagher: Referee was right not to give Dundee United two penalties vs Rangers

Dermot Gallagher believes referee Kevin Clancy was correct not to award two penalties to Dundee United during their defeat to Rangers on Saturday.

The Gers snapped a three-game losing streak with a 2-1 win at Ibrox in the Scottish Premiership as Antonio Colak scored twice to earn all three points and put them back to within two points of table topping Celtic.

But there were two instances where Dundee United claimed they should have been awarded a penalty, but while ex-FIFA referee Gallagher admitted the first challenge was “clumsy” he told Sky Sports News that the referee was right on both occasions.

“I think not,” he said of the first decision. “If you look, Watt goes in and I think it’s clumsy but I don’t think he clips him. I think they come together there, it’s at that point he goes down, but they’re side by side.

“I think this one is definitely not a penalty,” he said of the second challenge. “If you watch he goes in, and again the players come together but for me no penalty.

“I think he gets the ball. I think that’s the key.”

Definitely not

Usually these segments are talking about how Rangers should have had a decision but they didn’t get it and that VAR is necessary, with a bunch of people disagreeing.

On this occasion they want VAR because they believe Rangers were given favourable decisions and they’re wrong again, because there is no way either of those challenges were penalties.

Had they been given in our favour we’d never had heard the end of it and it would have been everywhere for days since the game took place.

Instead we hear radio silence because the referee, for once, was spot on with his decisions and Rangers were the better team who got a much needed three points in a game they’re supposed to win.

Anyone with common sense could see it and thankfully both Gallagher and Clancy on the day had that and the correct decisions were made so as to not affect the game negatively once again.

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