By Sam Stone

15th Sep, 2022 | 1:40pm

Simon Jordan: It will be interesting to see if UEFA fine Rangers after Queen Elizabeth tributes

Simon Jordan is interested to see if UEFA fine Rangers after they paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II before their Champions League defeat to Napoli.

The Light Blues organised a display from one end of the ground during a minute’s silence before the match, which was followed by the national anthem.

However, it was confirmed by UEFA before the match that they would not sanction such proceedings, which could now lead to Rangers being fined.

Elsewhere, Rangers’ Old Firm rivals Celtic had a section of their fans hold up abusive and offensive banners during their fixture against Shakhtar Donestk.

Jordan spoke about the situation live on talkSPORT [10:28, 14 September]: “Rangers know the rules and they’ve made a conscious commercial decision and I think it’s an admirable one and I would’ve made it.

“At this moment in time we are seeing something very unique and this country is better when it’s united.

“I don’t like when clubs are punished for the actions of individuals, with the ridiculous banners from Celtic fans being a good example.”

He added: “Rangers are going to be held to one account because they were facilitating the outcome they wanted with the fans, whilst Celtic were facilitating nothing.

“The Celtic banners were just a group of fans being disrespectful and I suspect they’re disrespectful wherever they go. I can’t relate to people like that.

“It will be interesting to see if UEFA have the courage to fine Rangers.”

Worth the fine

If UEFA do fine Rangers it just shows how out of touch they are with the current environment in the United Kingdom.

What the governing body should do is just forget about their request before the match and just allow everyone to move on from the situation without any issues.

However, there’s a strong chance that won’t be the case with UEFA wanting to act staunchly after making it clear that they wouldn’t sanction the national anthem to be sung.

UEFA have got no idea that the tributes before the match on Wednesday evening were far bigger and far more important that the ridiculous rules that they attempted to put in place.

The fine will come for Rangers, but it’s one that will be deemed completely insignificant. The mindless Celtic fans who decided to display their banners during their fixture in Poland don’t even deserve to be talked about.

It’s a real shame that Rangers’ performance on the pitch didn’t get the positive result it deserved in order to make it a truly special night at Ibrox.

In other Rangers news, Nigel Farage has demanded major action from the Gers and from Chelsea after what happened in the Champions League this week.