By Doug Ward

14th Sep, 2022 | 7:10am

Nigel Farage demands British clubs exit UEFA as Rangers fail with request for National Anthem at Ibrox

Nigel Farage wants British clubs to quit UEFA after Rangers and Chelsea were told they’re not allowed to play God Save the King ahead of Champions League matches this week.

According to the Daily Mail, Rangers and Chelsea were among the clubs who asked UEFA for permission to play the National Anthem as a tribute to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

It is understood that the Gers are planning to defy the ban but still, former UKIP leader and Brexiteer Farage has now backed a British football boycott of European football.

“Time we threatened to leave European football. Without us they would be nothing,” said Farage via his personal Twitter account on Tuesday night in response to the Daily Mail’s story (13 September).


Whether you wanted to stay in the EU or not, it’s impossible to agree with Farage here.

Sure, UEFA’s decision to block clubs from playing God Save the King ahead of their European matches this week is a joke as it’s simply to be done to honour Queen Elizabeth II, who sadly died last week aged 96.

Rangers – as well as Premier League side Chelsea – have strong links to the Royal Family and surely if we’re allowed to display an image of Her Late Majesty in the dressing room, we can play the National Anthem of our country as a tribute before a game?

Either way, it looks as though the Light Blues will ignore UEFA’s response to our request – which is brilliant.

But to suggest that as a response we should threaten to leave UEFA, that’s just idiotic from Farage, a man who clearly knows absolutely nothing about football.

He seems to think that European football “would be nothing” without British clubs.

But elite-level football in this country would be nothing without European competitions and it would cause a huge financial struggle for the likes of Rangers, who rely on the income from Champions League and Europa League matches.

Farage, keep your beak out of this.

You’ve already messed up one Brexit.

In other Rangers news, four Gers players have been ruled out of the game against Napoli.