By Doug Ward

15th Sep, 2022 | 8:15am

Celtic fans blasted for 'disgraceful' banner as Rangers fans praised by political pundit

British conservative commentator Nile Gardiner has thanked God for Rangers fans after Celtic’s “disgraceful” banners about the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday night.

Celtic fans were in Poland watching their side draw with Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League when they unfurled anti-monarchy banners following Her Late Majesty’s death last week.

Rangers fans followed that up with a superb display ahead of their game with Napoli with the National Anthem also being sung.

Gardiner, who was an aide to former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher, wrote via his personal Twitter account on Wednesday night (14 September): “Disgraceful from Celtic fans.

“Thank God for Rangers.”

Gardiner was replying to a tweet by Daily Mail journalist Richard Eden, which included an image of Celtic’s banners.

Eden wrote in his tweet: “Shame on the Glasgow Celtic fans who insulted The Queen at their match tonight.

“Among their foul abuse, they held up a banner praising the intruder who entered Her Majesty’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace.”


What’s the point?

Celtic fans are well known for not being fans of the UK monarchy but they still could have acted with some kind of grace with the nation mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

There’s a time and place for stuff like this and this week certainly isn’t either.

We’d expect UEFA to come down hard on Celtic for this because it’s absolutely disgusting.

However, we wouldn’t be shocked if they get away without any punishment and instead, UEFA turn their attention towards punishing Rangers for playing God Save the King at Ibrox ahead of their defeat to Napoli.

Rangers played well against Napoli up until James Sands’ red card in the 55th minute.

Once that happened, the floodgates unfortunately opened but for almost an hour, the Gers were perhaps the better side and looked most likely to score.

It’s a shame because that was probably one of the two most winnable games of the group stages and we may now have to settle for a fourth-placed finish in Group A.

In other Rangers news, Nigel Farage has demanded major action from the Gers and from Chelsea after what happened in the Champions League this week.