By Pranav Shahaney

25th Aug, 2022 | 4:10pm

The BBC probably had their biggest meltdown in years as Rangers defeated PSV 1-0 to book a spot in the Champions League group stages.

Antonio Colak’s goal was enough to give Gers the 1-0 win on Wednesday night and the 3-2 aggregate result meant that they would make it to the continental elite for the first time since the 2010/11 season.

However, rather than celebrating the fact that there would be two Scottish teams in the Champions League, BBC persisted with their petulant hatred for the Ibrox outfit.

Above is a clip of Glasgow-based BBC commentator Liam McLeod making it sound like Rangers were fortunate to win a game that they were completely outplayed in.

He said, “They had to weather storms this evening. So many chances PSV spurned on the night.

“They had enough of them to win two or three matches.

“But it is van Bronckhorst who triumphs over van Nistelrooy.”

However, looking at the stats shared on the BBC website itself, it’s clear that this game was an even contest and the side that took their chances ended up winning.

Jon McLaughlin in the Gers goal barely had to pull out any miraculous save so any suggestions that they did enough to win two or three games, are embarrassing, to put it quite bluntly.

That’s not where the BBC agenda seemed to stop, unfortunately.

Despite having the higher xG in the game, they claimed in their match report that they had to withstand a “barrage of chances” in order to get the result.

They also seem to talk too much about the negatives surrounding the Alfredo Morelos situation rather than praising the manager and the players for their valiant efforts in Europe over the last 12 months.

While they continue being salty, the Gers fans will continue to live high in ecstasy as the Ibrox is back to being a Champions League venue on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

In other Rangers news, Celtic and the Gers are at loggerheads over a record-breaking SPFL midfielder and a bid for him has already been tabled.