By Pranav Shahaney

19th Jul, 2022 | 4:10pm

Rangers official partner takes swipe at UK government official amid bizarre Celtic suggestion

Alastair Campbell, a top United Kingdom government official wanted Rangers and Celtic to play a match wearing each other’s jerseys.

According to the Daily Record, released documents show that he wrote about this to then Prime Minister Tony Blair to mark the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

Heart and Hand, Gers’ official media partners quickly responded and referenced the Iraqi arms dossier that was changed to fit the claims of George Bush’s administration in 2002. [Guardian]

Via Twitter, they wrote, “Suddenly, that dossier is only his second worst idea.”

Ridiculous suggestion

We cannot believe that anyone can seriously suggest something so daft and preposterous and there’s no surprise why it did not go ahead.

The rivalry between the two clubs runs so far deep that the layman cannot quite understand the animosity not just between the fans but also the players.

No matter the political climate, one will never see Rangers and Celtic players swapping shirts to play a full football game for 90 minutes.

It’s good to see Heart and Hand’s David Edgar putting this stance out in the public as most fans on either side would second that opinion.

Old Firm derbies are special occasions and we cannot wait for the next one in the upcoming season as Gers will be looking to put their noisy neighbours back in their place.

They need to make some more good signings this summer and hopefully, qualify for the Champions League as that will generate a huge amount of revenue.

In other Rangers news, Celtic and the Gers are at loggerheads over a record-breaking SPFL midfielder and a bid for him has already been tabled.