By Doug Ward

1st May, 2022 | 7:23pm

Celtic resort to whataboutery with reaction to Rangers statement over fan incident at Parkhead

BBC Scotland journalist Chris McLaughlin has shared Celtic’s statement that responds to Rangers alleging that fans were not protected adequately by the police on Sunday.

Rangers said they were “disappointed” by the police’s failure to stop the away fans at Parkhead from being struck by objects thrown from the home end of Celtic Park.

It is alleged that elderly and disabled fans were among those hit by objects.

Celtic’s response to the statement is pathetic and has resorted to whataboutery in a bid to deflect from the issues at Parkhead on Sunday.

As shared by McLaughlin on Twitter, Celtic’s spokesperson has said: “We are still working through the recent events at Ibrox, including the assaults on our staff members and supporters.

Sory, what?

Celtic have basically responded to Rangers saying that elderly and disabled people were hit by objects by bringing up things that have happened at Ibrox previously?

Why can they not condemn those mindless idiots who threw missiles at the away fans at Ibrox?

Why have they resorted to sheer whataboutery?

This is the issue with the two Old Firm clubs.

Neither of them are ever willing to own their issues among their own fanbase and instead just resort to finger-pointing.

If the clubs behave as childishly as this then what do you expect from the fans?

If it’s true that disabled and elderly fans have been hit by missiles – and we have no reason to suspect that’s not the case – then Celtic cannot respond by saying ‘what about this?’.

That’s not what this is about.

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