By Pranav Shahaney

18th Apr, 2022 | 6:10pm

Rangers media partner takes cheeky dig at Celtic media squad after Old Firm win

Rangers media partner Heart and Hand have accused the ‘Celtic media squad’ of whining after their Old Firm loss on Sunday.

After going a goal down, Gers came back to score two and clinch a berth in the Scottish Cup final.

However, after the game, numerous articles were written about how they did not deserve to win it.

One such article from the Glasgow Times gave a detailed explanation on how Kemar Roofe should have been sent off.

Taking these stories into account, David Elgar, who runs the Heart and Hand Twitter, wrote, “The whining from the Celtic media squad when we win is like a lovely dessert after a top quality meal.”

Sour grapes everywhere

Celtic fans cannot deal with the fact that they got beaten by the biggest team in Scotland.

Their side may have edged through in the league encounters but there was no way the same thing would happen in the cup.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst knew that there was a lot riding on this fixture and would have prepared his players doubly as hard to be ready for it.

Rangers played their hearts out on the day and we could see the impact of that on the field.

They gave it their all and ended up knocking their arch rivals out of the competition.

While the league appears to be a long shot right now, they can at least be proud and vindicated to beat Celtic and get one step closer to a cup.

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