By Mike Slater

24th Jan, 2022 | 12:10pm

Keith Hackett: Rangers contact with SFA over officiating 'Horrendous'

We’re delighted to welcome former Premier League referee Keith Hackett as our exclusive Rangers columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Ibrox

Keith Hackett has labelled Rangers decision to contact the SFA over officiating in Scotland as “horrendous.”

The ex-FIFA listed official has insisted that there are private channels to voice concerns, and bringing it out in the public can be really damaging.

The Bears made contact after Kevin Clancy made numerous questionable decisions in the 1-1 draw against Aberdeen last week.

“Horrendous,” he exclusively told Ibrox News. “I think what’s worrying about this is the damage that’s caused to the reputation of the referee by their statements in public.

“However you determine the performance of the referee, there are channels in which you can actually express your concerns.

“To bring it into the public domain, it’s questioning the integrity of a match official, it’s applying pressure to that match official in his ongoing career.

“If they are concerned about the referee’s performance, they put the clips together, and they seek a meeting with the authorities, and they ask for the authorities to explain every decision.

Had to be done?

There has been years of complaints regarding the status of officiating in the Scottish Premiership, but yet nothing has changed.

Rangers had to be the first to take that major step and go public with their complaints to the SFA, with drastic measures potentially leading to drastic action.

Officiating will never be top-tier when the referees are not full-time, with no real technology available either.

But, when it is simple decisions that are being made wrong, that is when the problem arises – these officials clearly need more training and more help.

If Rangers complaining brings more attention to the situation, maybe that will open doors for that possibility – time will tell.

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