By Mike Slater

22nd Dec, 2021 | 12:45pm

Rangers set to vote on bringing winter break forward on Wednesday - BBC

Rangers will be made to vote on the proposal to bring the Scottish Premiership winter break forward this evening.

The BBC has shared the major update today (22nd December) as numerous clubs push for the change in the SPFL.

There is said to be three options to choose from which are resume as normal, begin the break after Boxing Day, or begin the break immediately.

The BBC has shared that the SPFL have warned clubs against voting to begin the break immediately.

It is suggested that isn’t favoured due to the lack of dates to play numerous potential rescheduled fixtures that would be needed.

The vote needs to be in before 5:00 pm this evening, with Rangers one of those to go against the proposal.

As things stand, the break is set to start on the 4th of January and end on the 20th for the next round of the Scottish Cup.

Should the newly proposed break start after Boxing Day, the restart would take place on the week commencing Monday 17th.

Here we go.

The majority of clubs are in favour of this change, with Rangers one of the few to be against it as things stand.

Not many teams are struggling with COVID-19 so far with few postponements, but it is Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to cap attendances at 500 which has taken attention.

That is only in place for three weeks as things stand, but what happens if the break is brought forward to get through that, but the Omicron variant gets worst? It was all pointless.

Playing these three games is a small consequence to make before this break, and it gives clubs most of January to recover.

Time will tell what happens, but it looks as though we could get a decision this evening at the earliest and possibly tomorrow morning at the latest.

Hopefully, common sense prevails – there is no need to bring it forward.

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