By Mike Slater

3rd Dec, 2021 | 9:10am

Ally McCoist perfectly shuts down Alan Brazil after sly Rangers dig

Ally McCoist has perfectly silenced Alan Brazil this morning after he made yet another sly Rangers dig on talkSPORT.

The host was moaning about Ryan Kent winning a penalty for the Bears in their 1-0 victory over Hibernian on Wednesday (1st December).

McCoist immediately shut that down and pointed out the clear offside missed for Kyogo’s winner against Hearts last night (2nd December).

Speaking on talkSPORT this morning, McCoist kicked off the show in perfect fashion with his arguments ready to hand.

“Right, here we go,” he said. “I knew it. Nine minutes past six, perfect. I’ve got two things to say to you, I knew you’d be at it so I had a look.

“Stonewaller. It’s a penalty. I’m telling you it’s a penalty. And, by the way, what about your goal last night?”

Brazil responded, but he didn’t have much to say after it was made clear how lucky that his side were against Hearts.

“I didn’t see it,” he moaned.


This epitomises nearly every single Celtic fan up and down the United Kingdom, doesn’t it?

When Rangers get a penalty, the officials are the worst thing ever made and hand every single win the Bears earn to them.

But, when the decision goes their way, as it did last night with that shocking call from the linesman, there is silence and no comments on the officiating.

So, you’re telling us that Celtic-mad Brazil saw Kent tripped for the penalty, but missed his own side taking the lead against Hearts? We find that very hard to believe.

Thankfully, we had McCoist there to perfectly fight our corner and simply embarrass Brazil, although it didn’t take much doing.

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