By Doug Ward

2nd Dec, 2021 | 7:10am

Andy Walker and Ian Crocker slam Rangers and Hibs fans over Tuesday incident

Andy Walker and Ian Crocker slammed Rangers and Hibernian fans after smoke bombs were thrown onto the pitch at Easter Road on Wednesday night.

The second half of the Gers’ 1-0 Scottish Premiership win was halted for a few minutes after green and blue smoke bombs made their way onto the surface at Easter Road.

Replays showed how the blue one, seemingly thrown from the away end, was apparently thrown in the direction of Hibs goalkeeper Matt Macey, leading to Crocker and Walker sharing their disgust on Sky Sports Football.

Commentator Crocker said: “It’s all rather pointless.”

“I wish we could just get on with the game,” he added.

Walker then said: “There seem to be many interruptions lately. I wonder if the players are advised not to go and deal with it with all the health and safety we have these days.

“The second one, if you just keep an eye on Matt Macey the Hibs goalkeeper. That flare just about missed him.

“You see any missiles coming onto the pitch, it might have only been a bit of fun with the snowballs at the weekend, protest with the tennis balls, but you don’t want to see players in any sort of danger.”


That’s two matches in a row where Rangers fans have led to play being halted by throwing stuff onto the pitch.

While lobbing snowballs at Livingston seemed a bit harmless, it was stupid, childish and just downright bad patter and it led to the second half being delayed by eight minutes.

It didn’t affect our performance but Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s men had to stand around in freezing cold temperatures while the pitch was cleared of the snow.

And then we have this incident on Wednesday when Macey appeared to have been targeted by someone from the away end.

Throwing a smoke bomb, or any kind of missile, at a player is completely unacceptable and we hope that whoever did that gets banned by the club for the foreseeable future.

There have been way too many incidents this season when a number of our fans have made the news for the wrong reasons.

It simply has to stop and we Rangers fans who have our heads screwed on need to call out the bad behaviour when we see it.

Yes, a smoke bomb was thrown from the home support on Wednesday too but let’s get our own house in order.

In other Rangers news, an ex-BBC pundit has shared pathetic footage of Hibs fans ahead of their loss to the Gers.