By Mike Slater

1st Dec, 2021 | 7:10am

Stewart Robertson delivers update on Rangers ticketing after "unacceptable shambles"

It was the Rangers AGM on Tuesday as the clubs’ most important figures were under the spotlight taking pressing questions.

Stewart Robertson has delivered an update on the ticketing situation at the club after numerous “shambles” throughout the past year.

After fans were left standing outside of Ibrox past kick-off time against Malmo earlier in the year, Robertson shares that changes have been made.

Official club partner, Heart & Hand have shared the updates from the AGM on their official Twitter account with Robertson’s response below…

“Malmo was an unacceptable shambles,” they wrote.

“From then it’s been a priority as our customer service has not been good enough. Now appointed CS Manager and team, as well as new technology. We also need to improve tickets on website.”


It was a shambles looking back, and it is brilliant to know that the club were proactive to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Having said that, the fact that this is still ongoing means that there could be potential problems on the horizon.

Thankfully, given that a new team and management are on board in that department, you would like to think they are much better prepared for every eventuality.

With a huge clash likely in the first knockout round stage of the Europa League coming up early next year, that could be the first big test of the system.

Ibrox is rammed every week, but the problems seem to come in those midweek games where the atmosphere is simply out of this world.

Robertson was spot on the money with all of his answers at the AGM, and thankfully, everything is heading in the right direction – bring it on.

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