By Mike Slater

30th Nov, 2021 | 4:10pm

Chris Sutton: Getting banned from Rangers is similar to Lidl

Chris Sutton has taken aim at Rangers yet again this week as he took the stage at a Celtic event on Monday evening.

With the Europa League in full swing, the pundit has been banned from Ibrox to cover the Bears – something BT Sport have disagreed with.

Despite his urge to non-stop talk about the Gers, it appears as though Sutton is doing his best to act as though it hasn’t affected him.

Speaking at The Hydro last night via the Daily Record, Sutton compared Ibrox to Lidl in his latest attempt at a joke.

“I’d like to thank The Hydro for letting me in tonight, not all establishments in Glasgow will have me,” he said.

“Not getting into Ibrox is like not getting into Lidl.”

Here we go, again.

How many times are we going to have to sit and listen to Sutton cry about these types of things over Christmas as the schedule gets more hectic?

Acting as though you don’t care doesn’t really work when you can’t keep Rangers and Ibrox out of your mouth.

With only one more matchday left in the Europa League group stage, Sutton may only get that single chance to speak out.

Unlike the mighty Bears, Celtic once again failed to get out of the group stages in the competition and are now dropping down to the Conference League where they clearly belong.

There is clearly no sudden urge on either side to change their stances, so why is this constant argument being brought to light?

It’s time to leave this one well and truly in the past.

In other Rangers news, an official club partner has fired back at Tom English after his latest bitter jibe at the Bears