By Nick Ware

22nd Nov, 2021 | 11:10am

Andrew Dickson hits out at The Sun over Rangers pub incident

Sky Sports journalist Andrew Dickson has hit out at The Sun newspaper for their coverage after a Rangers pub was attacked last week.

The newspaper published a report and shared a video of the “violent incident” outside Oswalds bar in Glasgow city centre on Saturday [20/11/21].

Dickson, who is a freelance journalist and works for Sky Sports, was unhappy with how the news was presented after watching the footage, also criticised by Mark Dingwall on Twitter, editor of the ‘Follow Follow’ fanzine.

Writing via his personal Twitter profile on Sunday, Dickson wrote: “Just seen footage from Oswalds yesterday and I hope those who were attacked are okay.

“As a journalist, The Sun’s reporting of the incident is shameful and it’s no wonder so many feel there’s an imbalance. The perpetrators literally had ‘Bhoys’ across their chests yet no mention.”


Rivalry is one thing, but attacking pubs is taking events to the unpleasant extreme, and it should be stamped out and condemned every time.

The video did not make for good viewing and the subsequent reporting was baffling.

Of course, publications will want to tread with caution on certain events due to potential legal repercussions and the like while some will not want to be seen upsetting a certain fanbase.

However, when there are obvious things to point out in the video they should at least be acknowledged and, hopefully, addressed properly.

Dickson raises a valid point about the imbalance of reporting, and whether it is purposeful or not, there needs to be more awareness when covering certain subjects.

Questioning by the likes of Dickson, working for an established company like Sky Sports, can only help to try and change it for the future.

In other Rangers news, this Ibrox star was embroiled in an off-the-ball incident with Hibernian’s Ryan Porteous on Sunday.