By Jack Cunningham

18th Oct, 2021 | 3:10pm

St Mirren chairman admits that Rangers help him buy a player every season

St Mirren’s chairman Tony Fitzpatrick admits Rangers fans help him buy a player every season.

Speaking to Football Scotland, Fitzpatrick revealed how much he hates opening his ground up to large sections of Gers and Celtic fans but admitted just how important they are for the club.

The Buddies chief really rips into both members of the Old Firm, but it seems as if financially, St Mirren can’t survive without letting huge numbers of Gers fans into St Mirren Park.

He said: “There’s nobody more against Celtic and Rangers fans getting the two stands here than me.

“I’ve made that statement already but, up until the day we can fill this with St Mirren supporters, it’s crazy for us not to do that.

“The money it brings in gets us a player. Every time I see Celtic and Rangers fans in the two stands behind the goals, I always think: ‘We can buy a player’.

“That gets me through it.

“I’d love nothing more than this place full of St Mirren fans, and we’re giving Celtic and Rangers 200 tickets, and they’re in a corner somewhere.

“That’s a dream I’ve always had.”

Fitzpatrick is not a big fan of the Gers.

It seems pretty obvious that Fitzpatrick doesn’t really like the Bears and would rather only allow a very small section of fans into the ground.

However, he can’t do that, and we would expect St Mirren Park to be rammed with Gers fans at the weekend when the two play each other.

This is actually quite a staggering interview, and it really highlights just how important the fans of Celtic and Rangers are.

If they didn’t travel to these matches in big numbers, then clubs like St Mirren might not even be able to afford to buy players to strengthen their squads.

This is the reality of Scottish football laid bare, and it shows why the Old Firm are so dominant if other clubs are literally relying on Gers and Bhoys fans to keep their team going.

However, it does appear as if Fitzpatrick is very bitter about the situation, which is a shame and doesn’t reflect too well.

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