By Doug Ward

17th Oct, 2021 | 12:10pm

BBC Sportscene don't bother to analyse penalty shouts in Rangers draw v Hearts

Rangers fans know all too well about the bias shown against the club from BBC Scotland as the national broadcaster continues to refuse to attend Ibrox.

It’s been going on for years but BBC still clearly have an agenda against the Gers, based on their woeful analysis of the 1-1 draw with Hearts at Ibrox on Saturday afternoon.

Richard Foster and James McFadden joined Jonathan Sutherland in the BBC Sportscene studio on Saturday to look at the top-of-the-table stalemate and towards the end of their analysis, host Sutherland brought up a penalty shout the Premiership champions had in the first half.

Sutherland said: “We had a couple of soft-ish, I think, penalty claims. Not huge claims, Richard, for this.”

The penalty incident was noted by Sutherland but then he basically denied Foster the chance to discuss the handball by Stephen Kingsley.

Instead, the BBC Sportscene pundit, after dismissing the penalty shouts at soft, started talking about Hearts’ expectations as he said: “But I’m going to ask you as we look at these, Hearts fans are clearly encouraged by this result today.”

We won’t bother covering the rest of his quotes but he seemed to steer Foster towards talking about the ball hitting the arm of Kingsley inside the penalty area, and then instantly backtracking and talking about something unrelated and really boring.

Let’s face it – it looked line a penalty.

Kingsley was in the penalty area and leaned his body towards the ball.

While his arm was at his side, him moving his body towards the ball saw his arm make clear contact with the ball.

While the image is blurry, you can make out that the ball is hitting Kingsley’s arm after a purposeful movement by the Hearts defender.

And to be fair, to avoid us being biased, BBC then showed a highlight of their penalty appeal at the other end of the pitch while they also refused to analyse the altercation with Juninho Bacuna, Kingsley and Robbie Nielsen, leading to the Hearts manager being sent off.

It’s clear the BBC don’t want to talk about our games in any proper detail or even bother delving into anything controversial.

We’re sure Foster would have loved to have given his thoughts on the penalty incident but he was denied that chance.

In other Rangers news, Foster was baffled by footage of this Gers ace on Saturday.