By Pranav Shahaney

6th Oct, 2021 | 3:07pm

Nicola Sturgeon confirms Rangers talks regarding vaccine passports

Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that the government held fresh talks with Rangers and other Scottish clubs over the weekend.

Gers and Hearts both announced that they would carry out trials regarding the vaccine passports at their games last weekend.

Aberdeen had also planned something similar at their game against Celtic, but like the aforementioned duo, opted to postpone it as a number of people faced issues with the NHS Covid Status app.

However, Sturgeon, the country’s first minister said, according to The Scottish Sun, “While they (clubs) had agreed that no fan would be turned away if they were unable to provide evidence of their vaccination status, both Hearts and Rangers tested their certification arrangements and managed to check around 20 percent of their crowds.

“Scottish Government officials met yesterday with those clubs, together with Aberdeen, Celtic, Hibs and the managers of Hampden, to consider and learn any lessons from the weekend experiences.”

Right move?

Sturgeon is far from a popular figure at the Ibrox, but the club will eventually have to be in compliance with the new rules.

Having spectators back in the stadium is a boon and jeopardising that opportunity would not be beneficial for anyone.

Even though there have been issues in the NHS app, it’s good to see that a decent percent of the fans entering the Ibrox, were properly tracked and over the course of the next weeks, these systems should be more streamlined.

It is important for fans to get double vaccinated as well and once that number keeps increasing, so will the intensity inside Ibrox.

At times this season, the atmosphere in there has been a bit subdued and it could have a lot to do with these kinds of rules.

Hopefully, this issue is sorted out and soon and we believe that the nature of her discussions with the Gers were cordial over the past few days.

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