By Pranav Shahaney

5th Oct, 2021 | 7:10am

Levein claims challenges like Porteous' may end up in court eventually

Craig Levein believes that challenges like the one Ryan Porteous made against Rangers may end up in court in the near future.

Porteous made a nasty challenge on Joe Aribo on Sunday with his studs facing up and was deservedly given his marching orders.

However, Hibernian believe that it was not merited and have decided to appeal against the decision. [Sky Sports]

Discussing this incident and their decision to appeal it on BBC Sportsound, Levein said, “This is interesting for me because I believe when we played, Kevin (Harper) and John (Collins), there were some really tough tackles.

“You were actually more alert back then than I think players are nowadays about this sort of thing.

“I think that down the line, the next really horrific tackle where some player gets seriously injured, I think this could go to court. That’s where I think this might head.”

Tad too far

Well, for starters, we believe it was a straight red and the judges should not overturn this decision.

It was dangerous and reckless and could have severely endangered Aribo had it made contact in the wrong spot.

While Levein shares our view on this, he has taken it a step too far and stated that decisions like these will end up in court.

There certainly needs to be more awareness in the sport as players claim to have got the ball each time they’re booked for a challenge.

Educating them about the rules would be a step taken in the right direction and not overturning this one would be setting the right precedent.

Hopefully, the panel makes the right call, but we do not see such challenges ever ending up in court.

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