By Nick Ware

6th Oct, 2021 | 8:10am

Jason Cundy compares Rangers to Norwich City

Jason Cundy has rubbished the idea of Rangers and Celtic joining the Premier League and replacing two English clubs.

Tottenham Hotspur fan John, speaking on talkSPORT, as relayed by their Twitter account, called for a major restructuring of the English top-flight.

Ex-Chelsea defender Cundy, however, was vociferous in his opposition.

Cundy said: “Why do you want Scottish dross? Hold on, what are they going to add to the Premier League? They’ll just be the new Norwich!

“I’m not in favour of that.”

Cundy also said the idea would be “condemning Scottish football”.

Here we go again…

This seems to be an idea trotted out every couple of weeks in the English media.

In fairness, on this occasion it was actually suggested by a fan, rather than one of talkSPORT’s pundits.

But the response was inevitable as Cundy crudely dismissed the Scottish sides.

There was an element of him being tongue-in-cheek as he let a wry smile escape towards the end, but it was still another condescending passage of punditry.

As ever, events have to be viewed in context.

Would the current Rangers side struggle in the Premier League? Probably. Would Celtic struggle? Most definitely.

But with the income that the Premier League brings, both would be challenging the upper echelons of the division within a few years.

It’s an idea that has been floated for some time, and the debate doesn’t appear to be going away.

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