By Nick Ware

5th Oct, 2021 | 12:10pm

Charles Green claims he made contact over potential Steven Gerrard move to Rangers in 2013

Former Rangers chief executive Charles Green has shared how he attempted to prise Steven Gerrard to the club in 2013.

In an interview with Jim White that was aired on talkSPORT on Tuesday morning [05/10/21], Green claims he was in contact with Alex Gerrard, wife of Steven, in England eight years ago.

“I’m going to say something to you now that will of course send everybody mad in Scotland,” Green said to White. “When I was at Rangers, one day I had a meeting at the Mayfair hotel in England.

“In that meeting a lady with some of her friends came into the hotel.

“It was Steven Gerrard’s wife. I gave her my business card as chief executive of Rangers and said ‘I’d like to have a chat with your husband’.

“It never went anywhere but I had a plan and that plan was, instead of him going to America, for him to come to Rangers as a player. That was in 2013. These are the things that no one knows. 

“If you speak to Steven Gerrard’s wife…it’s on cameras.”

Give it a rest…

Green accepted a £6.4million [Daily Record] settlement from prosecutors this year after being wrongfully prosecuted.

He was arrested following a police probe into the sale of Rangers to businessman Craig Whyte, and charged in 2015 with serious organised crime offences in relation to the acquisition of the club.

Green’s involvement in the club actually ended in 2013.

But it appears he is still using the club to keep his name relevant, even out in the Far East, where he currently resides.

Rangers fans are unlikely to buy this new information from Green – it sounds like a lot of hot air.

Even if it was true, is it relevant? Does he need to wheel Jim White out for another interview on Rangers?

It was a bizarre conversation, and it’s unlikely that is the last we’ve heard of him.

In other Rangers news, a BBC pundit has accused this Gers player of shirking his responsibilities against Hibernian.