By Doug Ward

24th Sep, 2021 | 7:10am

SNP politician slams Rangers and Celtic with gambling sponsorship ban on the horizon

SNP politician Ronnie Cowan has slammed Rangers and Celtic for ignoring his warnings about an incoming ban on gambling sponsorships in football.

According to the Daily Mail, the UK Government’s review on gambling laws has led to them deciding to ban “front-of-shirt logos of gambling companies”.

Cowan, who’s the MP for Inverclyde, has told the Scottish Daily Mail [print edition, September 23, page 84] that he told the Old Firm sides this would be an issue over a year ago.

Despite his warnings, Rangers signed the “largest sponsor agreement” in their history with 32Red in May.

“I spoke about Celtic and Rangers over a year ago and spoke to Neil Doncaster of the SPFL and the SFA. I said to them this was coming down the tracks and gave them a heads-up to prepare themselves for it,” said Cowan.

“The league is now cinch and the Scottish League Cup is the Premier Sports Cup, so it’s good to see things moving in the right direction.

“It’s just a shame that the big two of Celtic and Rangers have failed to understand the potential damage they are causing to their own young fans.”

Yet another issue

Anything else the Gers want to add to the growing list of off-field issues that need to be addressed?

Rangers were warned about gambling sponsors being banned and also despite the ethical side of wearing 32Red on their shirt, they still went ahead and signed a massive deal with the gambling firm.

But finally, the government have done something they deserve recognition for.

A lot of people suffer with gambling problems and having their team’s players run around on the pitch, acting as human billboards for gambling, cannot have helped.

Even children cannot go to a football match or watch a game on television without having gambling getting etched into their brains.

A lot of Premier League clubs down south are guilty of it, so it’s not just us and Celtic. It’s a widespread issue within British football and we’re glad that it’s been addressed.

Rangers shouldn’t have ignored the warnings. Now they have a bit of a mess they need to untangle.

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