By Doug Ward

24th Sep, 2021 | 4:10pm

Journalist sends message to Rangers fans after Leigh Griffiths controversy at Dundee

Scotsman journalist Barry Anderson has had to defend himself from Rangers fans after he published Leigh Griffiths’ apology for kicking a smoke bomb at St Johnstone fans this week.

As Dundee were knocked out of the Scottish League Cup by St Johnstone, ex-Celtic striker Griffiths was spotted kicking a blue smoke bomb into a section of Saints fans.

After the incident, Griffiths apologised for the incident, saying that his intention was “just to remove it from the pitch”.

Anderson, who writes for the Scotsman and Edinburgh News, shared the apology on his Twitter account and that led to some Rangers fans having a go at him for not challenging Griffiths’ words.

When one fan blasted Anderson for not adding his opinion to his merely factual tweet, the journalist saw it fit to respond.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “To clarify, I haven’t defended anybody. I posted the statement and people can decide for themselves. The Griffiths video is on my timeline and it’s quite clear what happened.

“IMO it’s a poor statement – disingenuous, feeble, etc – but my opinion won’t make any difference here.”

Have a day off, Gers fans

As soon as we saw the video of Griffiths doing the rounds, we instantly saw tweets saying, ‘well if that was Alfredo Morelos…’ blah, blah blah.

Anderson didn’t have to add his opinion – we all know that Griffiths’ apology is absolutely ridiculous because there’s no way his intention was to just kick the smoke bomb off the field of play.

He took a run up and put as much welly into it as he could, ensuring that it went into the crowd of St Johnstone fans.

Interestingly, Anderson has since reported that Griffiths has been charged by the police for “culpable and reckless conduct” while an SFA ban is also likely for the ex-Celtic and Hibernian striker.

Rangers fans need to stop being so touchy about things. Why was this instantly made all about them?

It’s essentially nothing to do about us and someone who writes for an Edinburgh newspaper has had to defend himself from tweet after tweet from Bears.

It’s faux outrage.

Sections of our fanbase have been an absolute embarrassment since the end of last season.

In other Rangers news, Steven Gerrard has confirmed one of his star players is out for up to four weeks with an injury.