By Doug Ward

24th Sep, 2021 | 5:39pm

Ally McCoist mocks Chris Sutton over Rangers lock-out

Ally McCoist has mocked Chris Sutton after the ex-Celtic striker was denied access to Ibrox by Rangers last week.

Sutton and former Hoops manager Neil Lennon were both denied media accreditation when they were supposed to be working with BT Sport on Celtic’s Europa League defeat away at Real Betis.

In a clip show on Darrell Currie’s Twitter account on Friday, McCoist has been seen joking about Sutton’s lock-out, leaving the pundit laughing his head off.

McCoist said to Sutton: “Unlike yourself, I’m certainly enjoying Scottish football at this moment in time – and I’m letting my face know.”

BT Sport host Currie then mentioned that McCoist is getting into all the games at the moment, leading to Sutton saying: “That’s horrible. Wow.”

McCoist continued by saying: “That’s true. You make a valid point, Darrell – a very, very valid point.

“I do not take my access to all the Scottish football grounds easily. I appreciate it.

“I’d like to take this opportunity in thanking all the Scottish grounds for allowing me access to their grounds and I will continue to make myself in the manner that’s expected in these particular football arenas.”


This. This is what we’ve been saying all along.

McCoist and Sutton are an absolute golden duo on television with the pair bouncing off each other incredibly well.

They may have represented different sides of the Old Firm derby but this is what football should be about. Two people who support rival clubs, bantering with one another in a harmless way.

Sutton’s always done that.

Yes, he’s spouted some nonsense about us in the past but the former Celtic man has never over-stepped the mark, in our opinion.

Some people have done and those people are rightly denied access to Ibrox but we cannot think of one thing in particular that Sutton has said that merits him being locked out of the Gers’ stadium.

At least this whole drama is being laughed at now.

McCoist must feel a wee bit embarrassed by it, if we’re honest.

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