By Doug Ward

18th Sep, 2021 | 9:10am

Graham Spiers slams 'pathetic' Rangers chief Stewart Robertson

Times journalist Graham Spiers has dubbed Stewart Robertson a “pathetic figure” with Rangers causing yet more controversy this week.

Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon were denied access to Ibrox earlier this week to work for BT Sport due to supposed security issues.

Spiers, who’s also been banned from Ibrox, claims that a lot of Gers fans are unhappy with the club barring people who criticise them.

He also took a huge swipe at managing director Robertson on Twitter, saying he’s the man who banned him after Sutton also said he was involved in him being shut out of Ibrox this week.

“There is a stack of decent Rangers fans who are embarrassed by it, Bruce,” said Spiers as he replied to a Light Blues supporter who admitted he’s embarrassed by the behind-the-scenes decisions as of late.

“It just looks absurd.

“I met [Stewart Robertson] when he banned me. A decent guy but very keen to placate the hardcore.

“I found him a slightly pathetic figure.”

Everything about this is pathetic

Rangers have waged war on the media since the start of this season and have made a drama that really didn’t need to happen.

Look at Celtic last season.

They imploded as they aimed to win their 10th league title in a row as they made news almost every day for something ridiculous going on behind the scenes.

Whether it was players breaking COVID rules, getting games postponed, going on mid-season trips to Dubai or fans setting Peter Lawwell’s house on fire. Something crazy was constantly going on there and that may have had an impact on their performances on the pitch.

Since this season started, the Gers have tried to shut out large sections of the media by charging them for access, fans have been banned for racism and now pundits are being shut out due to supposed security risks.

Oh, and look. Our performances on the pitch have been sub-par too.

Maybe it’s about time that the Gers stop creating off-field stories and start creating positive ones on the pitch.

Everything is so far from what took place last season it’s a crying shame.

In other Rangers news, Sutton has accused the Gers of “Trump-ism” after he was shut out of Ibrox.