By Doug Ward

17th Sep, 2021 | 8:10pm

Chris Sutton accuses Rangers of 'Trump-ism' after astonishing turn of events

Chris Sutton has launched a massive attack on Rangers after he and Neil Lennon were stopped from attending Ibrox on Thursday night.

Sutton was told that the Gers deemed it a security risk for him to attend Ibrox to work for BT Sport with Celtic playing away at Real Betis ahead of the champions’ loss to Lyon in the Europa League.

Speaking in a video clip from his personal Twitter account after appearing on BT’s Scottish Football Extra on Friday night, Sutton shared why he really thinks he was denied access and compared the Gers’ approach to ‘Trump-ism’

“We don’t have long enough to go into great depth as to where this may lead but I think Rangers are getting into dangerous territory,” said Sutton.

“This is Trump-ism at its finest.

“I still don’t really know the reason why I wasn’t allowed in Ibrox. The security issue, what? Two pundits going to work? That’s absolutely ludicrous.

“Rangers let 800 Celtic away fans in every game.

“I was in at Ibrox a lot last season when there were no fans and I told I was unwelcome last season at Ibrox.

“As far as I can see – and I can only speculate – what Rangers are saying is, ‘if we don’t like what you say about us, we aren’t letting you in’. It’s dangerous territory they’re getting into because where does this lead? What if everyone football club across the country started to do that?

“I sit on here every Friday morning with Ally [McCoist] and it’s back and forth, it’s light-hearted, it’s banter, it’s debate. That’s all it is.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously – I don’t speak for Ally but I know what he does. We like a laugh and a joke, I’ve taken a battering in the last year because Celtic have been hopeless. And for the last decade, Ally’s had to take a battering, unfortunately for him.

“I just think they’re getting into murky waters, as far as I can see.

“I hope it stops. Steven Gerrard and Gary McAllister must be embarrassed.”

Pathetic and embarrassing

Rangers have gone too far here.

It’s one thing barring journalists for spreading misinformation but Sutton has never done anything of the sort.

Yes, he’s biased. Yes, he’s a Celtic man. And yes, he spouts nonsense about the Gers all the time and regularly criticises and talks us down.

But that’s all part of the show when it comes to him.

Do Rangers really think it’s necessary to stop him from attending Ibrox just because he’s criticised the club in the past?

Who hasn’t?

We fans do it all the time and we should all be doing it now rather than being happy-clappers and cheering on every ridiculous decision the club makes.

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