By Doug Ward

17th Sep, 2021 | 12:15pm

James Dornan: Every journalist must tell truth about Rangers culture

SNP’s James Dornan has called for Rangers to be banned after Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon were refused entry to Ibrox on Thursday.

Sutton and Lennon’s attendance to work for BT Sport was deemed as a security risk, according to Sutton.

Dornan has called for journalists to put the heat on the Gers as they continue to stop people attending Ibrox.

He’s also suggested that if the Scottish champions cannot create a safe environment for media workers, they should face sanctions themselves.

“It’s surely time that every journalist started telling the truth about the culture at Ibrox,” said Dornan via his personal Twitter account on Thursday after BBC journalist Tom English expressed his shock about the story.

“For this to be allowed to occur in 21st century Scotland is an abomination.

“If Rangers can’t control their fans maybe they should be the ones being banned, not others just doing their job.”


Dornan’s gone in a bit strong here – why is he on about Rangers being banned? How does that work? Ban us from what, exactly?

Ibrox is private property at the end of the day and the club can let in whoever they want and keep out whoever they want.

However, it really doesn’t look good when a couple of former footballers are barred from attending because of supposed security concerns.

Why should there be any concerns about the security of Lennon or Sutton? They were supposed to be at Ibrox to cover the Celtic game that took place earlier and the stadium would have been empty then.

There could be an ulterior motive here and we wouldn’t put that past the Light Blues given the fact they’re trying to control the media’s role at Ibrox this season.

Charging media companies for access and exclusives is bad enough but denying access to former players who are simply there to do their job is very poor.

In other Rangers news, David Edgar has tweeted why Sutton was really blocked from Ibrox.