By Doug Ward

16th Sep, 2021 | 4:35pm

David Edgar blasts Chris Sutton as Rangers block ex-Celtic man from Ibrox

David Edgar has blasted Chris Sutton, saying that the ex-Celtic striker has not been denied access to Ibrox tonight due to security concerns at Rangers.

On Thursday, ahead of Celtic’s away clash with Real Betis in the Europa League, Sutton confirmed on Twitter that he and Neil Lennon had been blocked from attending Ibrox to work for BT Sport by Gers managing director Stewart Robertson.

However, Heart & Hand Podcast founded Edgar, who is an official media partner of Rangers, took to his Twitter account to hit back at Sutton, claiming that the BT pundit has been barred from Ibrox due to what he’s said about the Gers in the past.

“Nothing to do with security concerns, it’s because of the [swear] you continually spout about the club. Big wet wipe.”


Edgar is someone who usually has inside information from Ibrox and he was the person who brought to us that Andy Walker had been blocked from the Gers stadium last season.

But if it’s nothing to do with security, why has Sutton been led to believe that? Has he been lied to?

Sutton is a straight-talker and he would tweet it if he’d been told he’d been banned from Ibrox due to stuff he’s said about the club in the past.

He’s definitely sharing what he’s been told but we feel as though there could be an ulterior motive behind him and Lennon being shut out of the stadium on Thursday.

Rangers have shown a hard-line stance on journalists, news organisations and pundits for talking negatively about them.

While we can understand that for those who have spread misinformation about the club on a regular basis, shutting out someone simply because he supports Celtic and used to play for them is ridiculous.

Sutton is a great watch on TV and while he always comes across as anti-Rangers, a lot of what he says is tongue-in-cheek and more of what he says is because he loves Celtic.

If what Edgar has tweeted is true, this is shocking from Rangers.

In other Rangers news, Michael Stewart has blasted a newspaper over a headline that included the Gers without needing to.