By Doug Ward

16th Sep, 2021 | 3:15pm

Michael Stewart blasts Glasgow Evening Times for Rangers headline

Michael Stewart has backed Jean Johansson after Rangers were dragged into a headline on the Glasgow Evening Times website.

Johansson has a successful career as a TV host but the Glasgow Evening Times decided that they needed to call her an “ex-Rangers wag” in their headline about her debate with Stewart over racism.

Johansson, who is the wife of ex-Gers player Jonatan, criticised a show that Stewart – and two other while men – appeared on to discuss racism.

That story made the Glasgow Evening Times website but Johansson wasn’t impressed with the headline and took to her Twitter account to ‘fix it’.

BBC pundit and former Hearts and Hibs player Stewart then took a break away from his feud with Johansson to back her about the newspaper’s headline.

Writing via his personal Twitter account, Stewart said: “Even though I strongly disagreed with Jean last night I agree with her 100% here.

“That’s a very poor headline”

What’s it got to do with Rangers?

It’s fairly obvious why newspapers and other websites do this – they do it for the clicks.

A story that has one of the most successful and biggest clubs in the world is going to get more attention if it has some kind of relevance to said club. Johansson’s link to Rangers is her husband.

But that’s wrong.

She’s more than a ‘wag’. She’s someone who has a long history of presenting on television and while some Gers fans might not want to admit it, she’s way more well known than her husband nowadays.

Johansson presents on the BBC and on Channel 4 – what might be more of an interesting headline is how a BBC host and a BBC pundit clashed on Twitter on the subject of racism.

Rangers had nothing to do with this and at least Stewart can see that the headline from the GET was unwarranted.

In other Rangers news, the Gers have been in contact with the police over malicious online activity.