By Doug Ward

14th Sep, 2021 | 1:51pm

Rangers contact Police Scotland over 'malicious email account'

Rangers have confirmed they have been in contact with Police Scotland over a “malicious email account” that has masqueraded as the club.

In a short statement via their Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon, the Gers responded to concerns that some fans had been contacted by the club.

The supporter notice said: “We have informed Police Scotland re a malicious email account purporting to be representative of Rangers FC.

“This is entirely untrue and inaccurate.

“All official email accounts end with (@ rangers or (@ e.rangers”


We hope that those who have received these malicious emails have not fallen victim to anything serious but it’s good that the club has addressed the issue.

Not only have the police been made aware but the fans have too – but we would have hoped the fans would have been informed as soon as possible, rather than after being in touch with Police Scotland.

Some people have already started replying to Rangers’ statement suggesting that fellow fans aren’t going to fall for what could be an online scam.

But that’s not the point – phishing scams are serious and should be treated as such because some of our more vulnerable fellow supporters may not be as clued up as others.

At least this has been addressed now and hopefully it will be the end of it.

It would be good if the club invested in some kind of cyber security to stop this from happening again too.

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