By Doug Ward

16th Sep, 2021 | 5:40pm

SNP politician James Dornan blasts Rangers as Sutton and Lennon are blocked from Ibrox

Rangers are “out of control” for stopping Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon work for BT Sport at Ibrox on Thursday, according to SNP politician James Dornan.

BBC journalist Chris McLaughlin took to Twitter on Thursday to share a statement from BT Sport, which confirmed that Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon had been denied access to Ibrox this week.

BT confirm that Rangers have “since raised security concerns” surrounding the two former Celtic players, who were set to cover Celtic’s clash at Real Betis from the studio at Ibrox.

Even though former Celtic players have regularly attended Ibrox for broadcast work over the years, it’s only now become an issue.

Dornan is shocked by the Gers’ decision and has absolutely blasted the Scottish champions on social media.

“I cannot believe that Rangers are so scared of their own fans’ behaviour that they would ban two pundits because they played for Celtic,” said Dornan via his personal Twitter account on Thursday.

“Please don’t anyone tell me this is just fitba stuff. That is out of control and Rangers should be utterly ashamed for their lack of courage.”


David Edgar of the Heart and Hand Podcast has already tweeted to say that Sutton hasn’t been blocked from Ibrox due to a security risk.

Edgar has said that Sutton has actually been denied access from Ibrox on Thursday night due to stuff he’s said about Rangers in the past.

If that is the case, then what has Sutton said that is so bad that he needs to be barred from a stadium?

It’s absolutely pathetic and as BT Sport are by far and away the best broadcasters for Scottish football, annoying them could be a huge case of the club shooting themselves in their own foot.

Sutton isn’t someone who should be taken too seriously. Firstly, he’s an Englishman who had no ties to the Old Firm until he played for Celtic.

He simply became a bit of a fan while playing for them and since becoming a pundit, he’s realised that he could tap into a market in Scotland by talking about Celtic and Rangers.

Sutton is just doing his job.

This is pathetic from Rangers.

In other Rangers news, David Edgar has tweeted by Sutton has really been blocked from attending Ibrox tonight.