By Doug Ward

5th Sep, 2021 | 4:50pm

Michael Stewart reacts as Martin Compston is blocked by abusive Rangers fan

Martin Compston was abused by a Rangers fan who later blocked him on Twitter prior to his appearance at Soccer Aid on Saturday.

BBC actor Compston played for the World XI, who beat England 3-0 in Manchester.

One Rangers fan clearly isn’t a fan of the Line of Duty star, saying he hoped Paul Scholes injured the actor and said he supported England simply due to his involvement with the World XI.

Compston called out the abusive tweet, as well as the fact that the Twitter user ended up blocking him.

Michael Stewart also replied to the tweet, referring to the childish name that Compston was called.

“‘Compost’… Deary, deary me,” said Stewart via his personal Twitter account in the early hours of Sunday morning.


When are some Rangers fans going to realise they can support a football team without being abusive and showing so much animosity towards rival fans?

Rivalry in football is good and the Old Firm is the biggest and best in the world. But it’s also one of the worst when it comes to different kinds of abuse.

We’ve seen a lot of horrible abuse from Rangers fans in recent weeks with arrests made and even a police probe into one of the club’s official media partners the Heart & Hand podcast.

Why is it so hard for a number of our fans to realise where the line is and why they shouldn’t cross it? Why does supporting a certain football team have to resort to racism, sectarian abuse, xenophobia and general abuse?

It’s not on and we really don’t want to see anyone who indulges in this kind of behaviour supporting our club.

In other Rangers news, Mark McGivern has sent a message to the Gers amid the Heart & Hand controversy he ignited.