By Doug Ward

3rd Sep, 2021 | 11:10am

Mark McGivern demands action from Rangers over Heart and Hand podcast

Daily Record journalist Mark McGivern has suggested Rangers need to respond to historic tweets by people associated with the Heart & Hand podcast.

According to the Daily Record, the police are probing “hate-filled tweets sent from accounts held by members of Rangers’ new media partner”.

McGivern’s story has been online since Thursday night and he’s since taken to Twitter to say that the Gers are yet o respond.

“No word from Rangers FC as yet on these highly problematic tweets,” he said via his personal Twitter account.

“Can the club continue with these men asking questions at press conferences while promoting their laudable Everyone Anyone campaign?”

Messy situation

Rangers have an issue here.

They cannot ignore these past tweets but the relevance between them and the Everyone Anyone campaign is debatable given some of the tweets are so old.

However, some of the offensive tweets shown on the Daily Record website are within the last couple of years.

Heart & Hand’s Twitter account did post an apology prior to the story being published and said some of the tweets over 10 years old.

Some of the tweets are shocking, it must be said.

Heart & Hand have apologised and legal advisors have told them that the tweets are not offensive enough to merit further action.

However, this represents a problem for Rangers, who have allowed Heart & Hand access to Ibrox this season amid a controversial plan to start charging media outlets for press passes and exclusive interviews.

Is there a war waging between the mainstream media and the Scottish champions? Or is the mainstream media simply doing what it should be doing and holding people accountable for their actions?

In other Rangers news, the Gers have agreed a multi-million sale for one of their international players.