By Jack Cunningham

23rd Jul, 2021 | 9:10pm

Rangers Super Fans react to Ibrox capacity decision for Brighton friendly

This is part of a regular series from our panel of Rangers Super Fans. Each week, our Super Fans will deliver their verdicts on the biggest talking points and news stories around Ibrox. You can join in the discussion on our Rangers Insider Facebook page.

A lot of Rangers Super Fans have reacted to an engagement post from Rangers Insider about the Gers being limited to just 8,500 fans against Brighton & Hove Albion by Glasgow City council.

However, Celtic, playing on the same day, have been allowed 18,500, which seems absolutely ridiculous [the Daily Record]. The council claim that the reason that the Gers have been limited is because of safety reasons and because Celtic have hosted bigger crowds already.

Rangers were only allowed 2,000 fans against Arsenal, so the council have stopped the Gers from having more than 8,500. However, Celtic had 9,000 fans in their Champions League qualifier against Midtjylland, so they are allowed more. This decision has not gone down well with these Super Fans who are fuming.

There is no wonder these Super Fans are so angry because the whole decision from the Glasgow council makes absolutely no sense.

Surely both clubs should have been allowed to have the same number of fans? This would have avoided this bizarre situation that we find ourselves in and would have taken a lot of heat off the council.

If the council had decided that 18,500 was too much for both teams, they could have limited Celtic to 8,500 to balance both sides.

Instead, though, they decided to punish the Gers and caused outrage amongst the Rangers fanbase.

There are some strong words aimed at the Glasgow council from our Super Fans, but we agree with pretty much everything they have said about this decision.

It literally makes no sense, and we can’t believe that they decided to go ahead with it rather than find a much more reasonable solution that would have avoided this sort of reaction.

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