By Nick Ware

29th Jun, 2021 | 2:58pm

Rangers teen Chris McKee set for Thursday Scottish FA hearing over alleged homophobic language

Rangers forward Chris McKee is set to face trial on Thursday over alleged homophobic language he used during a match in May, according to the Glasgow Times.

The 19-year was on loan at Brechin City last season when he was sent off in their crucial League Two fixture against Kelty Hearts, a game they lost 1-0 to crash out 3-1 on aggregate and seal their relegation fate.

McKee was dismissed in the first half of the second leg after being accused of using ‘foul and abusive language of a homophobic nature’.

Rangers said they would launch an investigation and the teenager was to be summoned to a Scottish FA hearing which has now been set for Thursday, July 1.

McKee could face a minimum punishment of a two-match suspension and a ‘top end’ ban of 12 games, and the Northern Irishman is expected to hear his fate following the principal hearing on July 1, as per the Glasgow Times’ report.


This is one of the scenarios where, if homophobic language is proven, we have to hold our hands up and accept whatever punishment is meted down to the youngster.

His youthfulness is likely to be taken into consideration, but he has to know better and refrain from using such discriminatory words, once again, if proven.

A top-end ban of 12 games would be a substantial blow to a young talent trying to make his way in the game, primarily because it will deprive him of the chance to make any sort of impact at the beginning of the season, but also because of the considerable knock to his profile that it would give.

McKee is highly unlikely to be thrown into Steven Gerrard’s first-team squad next season after playing for League Two strugglers Brechin, but he’ll still harbour hopes of one day earning a call-up to the senior side.

We can’t see that happening given the considerable other talents we have at the club, but there is always a chance, and an impressive loan spell could change everything.

But, if proven guilty, he may well have to sit out most of the first half of the season.

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