By Doug Ward

18th Jun, 2021 | 10:30am

Alan Brazil: Celtic fans would go mental if Rangers McCoist

Alan Brazil claims that if Everton hire Liverpool legend Rafa Benitez as their next manager, it would be the same as Celtic hiring Rangers legend Ally McCoist.

Benitez, 61, won the Champions League title and became a Liverpool legend in a stint at Anfield that ended in 2010.

The Madrid-born manager has since been around the block in terms of his career but remains highly-regarded at Liverpool amid speculation linking him with the vacancy at Everton.

Celtic-mad talkSPORT host Brazil feels as though his club hiring McCoist is similar.

“It’s like Ally managing Celtic,” said Brazil, as shown in a clip on the talkSPORT Twitter account.

“It’s not. He’s a Scottish legend who’s born and raised… he’s Rangers. He can’t go and be the manager of Celtic,” O’Hara hit back.

Brazil responded by saying: “If Ally takes that job at Parkhead, go and get some new windows for your house – they’d go mental.”

Where do we begin?

How on earth is this comparable?

Benitez spent six years of his life at Liverpool and that association ended over a decade ago.

Yes, he won the Champions League there and became a managerial legend, but the connection Benitez has to Anfield is nowhere near to that of Super Ally’s at Ibrox.

McCoist grew up as a Rangers supporter, attending his first Old Firm derby when he was just a 10-year-old boy.

He then went on to play for the Gers, becoming the club’s record goalscorer with 355 goals there while also winning 10 league titles.

McCoist was then the man who stuck by us through one of the darkest periods in Rangers’ history, taking the club up from the fourth-tier and back into the second-tier, laying the foundations for the team we see today.

McCoist goes beyond legendary status at Ibrox and the Old Firm goes far beyond the Merseyside derby, where opposition fans used to be allowed to sit without segregation and where one team has a bigger rivalry with a club from another city.

It’s ludicrous for Brazil to even go there.

He should know better as a Celtic fan.

In other Rangers news, the Government’s hypocrisy stinks over what happened on Thursday.