By Doug Ward

18th Jun, 2021 | 8:10am

Government hypocrisy stinks as Scotland fans ignored unlike Rangers fans

Remember the ridiculous outpouring of anger when Rangers fans took to the streets of Glasgow to celebrate their title success?

Remember when Scottish Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf called Gers fans “selfish” and “irresponsible” [Herald] for gathering in jubilation after Steven Gerrard led the Light Blues to their 55th title without suffering a defeat?

If you don’t, surely you remember when SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hit out at the “thuggish minority who seem to care little for the risks they pose to other people”? [Glasgow Live]

While we’re not really in lockdown anymore, COVID-19 still exists and cases are rising at a higher rate than they were when Rangers fans took to the streets of Glasgow to celebrate their team winning the league [Times].

However, with Scotland set to play Scotland at Wembley on Friday in the European Championships, a blind eye has seemingly been turned to those who have travelled down to London for the match.

Yesterday [Thursday], videos swept across social media and news channels to show Scottish football fans arriving at Euston and King’s Cross train stations in the capital.

We cannot say for sure how many people have made the journey south of the border but it’s fair to see there could be thousands.

This is all despite the fact the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan told Scotland supporters not to make their way there if they didn’t have tickets for the match [Sky News].

It’s fair to say that it’s unlikely most of these fans do have tickets due to the reduced capacity at Wembley.

Funnily enough, Sturgeon also told Scotland fans not to go to London for the match if they didn’t have a ticket [Express].

Yet she, nor Yousaf, have condemned those who defied instructions and travelled to England regardless.

The hypocrisy stinks and it shows that there’s a clear anti-Rangers agenda among the SNP.

Where was the outrage when Celtic fans besieged Parkhead to try and get Neil Lennon and the board sacked? Where’s the outrage now when thousands of Scotland fans have ignored advice and travelled across a border to watch a football match they can’t attend?

Does COVID pick and choose which football team you support? Because to use, it seems as though it’s only an issue when football crowds gather when it’s Rangers supporters.

We’re not condoning the title celebrations in Glasgow this season. But what we cannot stand is how the SNP’s leading powers seem to pick and choose which issues they react to.

Where’s the consistency?

The silence is deafening.

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