By Nick Ware

14th Jun, 2021 | 7:10pm

John Barnes expresses doubts about Rangers manager Steven Gerrard

John Barnes has questioned Steven Gerrard’s manager credentials at Rangers after discussing who Jurgen Klopp’s successor at Liverpool should be.

Klopp has been at the Premier League giants since 2015, winning a Premier League and also lifting a Champions League trophy, but there have been numerous discussions over who will eventually take the helm once he leaves.

Gerrard’s connections to the club he captained to numerous honours have seen his name banded around, but ex-Celtic boss John Barnes doesn’t believe that he should be in the reckoning.

He told Betting Odds: “Is he going to come to Liverpool off the back of one good year? Of course he would be given time because of his relationship with Liverpool. 

“If you were to ask me now, if Jurgen Klopp left Liverpool tomorrow would I think Steven was the man for the job? Probably not because you would want a manager with more experience and is proven at the highest level. He would be given time because he’s Steven Gerrard, but would that be the right thing for Liverpool? Maybe not.

“I’m sure Steven will do really well over the course of his career, but he’s going to have to show a longer level of consistency over a longer period of time before we start linking him with the Liverpool job.”

More than good

We think Barnes is massively playing down our achievements in the 2020/21 campaign. What we did was more than “good”, or even “very good”.

It was simply sensational.

To go 38 games unbeaten in the league is a phenomenal feat, one very rarely seen in the modern era.

When you think how low we were before Gerrard arrived, with confidence shot at the club, you understand just how amazing he has been.

Of course, his abilities are yet to be fully realised, but he has shown more than enough to outline himself as one of the most exciting young managers around.

His managerial prowess, allied to his character, would see him as an ideal fit for the Liverpool job. We think Gerrard would be their first target if and when Klopp does exit Merseyside.

But we don’t think that will happen any time soon, and Gerrard can look forward to testing himself in the Champions League with the Gers next season.

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