Davie Provan hits out at Rangers chief Douglas Park over Glasgow city centre scenes

Davie Provan has taken aim at Rangers chairman Douglas Park and accused him of double standards over the scenes in Glasgow last weekend.

Rangers secured an unbeaten Scottish Premiership campaign with a 4-0 Ibrox victory over Aberdeen on May 15 and supporters took to the streets to celebrate their success.

However some fans ended up clashing with police, leading Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland to criticise the “disgraceful behaviour of those involved”. [Sky Sports]

Speaking to the Scottish Sun, ex-Celtic player Provan denounced the scenes and called on Park to take a more active role in rooting out those responsible.

“It’s not often I agree with Nicola Sturgeon but she found the right words to describe last weekend’s carnage in Glasgow,” Provan said.

“The First Minister criticised ‘selfish, bigoted’ fans for their ‘violence and vile anti-Catholic prejudice’.

“Yes, it was a minority  — but it was a sizeable minority who trashed the city centre.

“When Rangers chairman Douglas Park was trying to remove Neil Doncaster last year, he was up front and in your face.

“He needs to be as good at confronting the thugs and neds who masquerade as Gers fans.

“They are making the club’s ‘Everyone, Anyone’ initiative resemble a token PR exercise.”

Mistaken mock

We can’t defend the indefensible, the minority of Rangers fans that acted in their own selfish interests need to be dealt with and punished severely.

As a club that already constantly get besmirched in the media this was the last thing we needed to be held against us.

Many figures have quite rightly come out to condemn the scenes.

But Provan is utterly shameful for using the ‘Everyone, Anyone’ initiative against us.

That was a campaign set up by the club in 2019 to try and help combat issues surrounding diversity and inclusion.

That’s something the club has been very vocal on and their strong stance against all forms of discrimination was highlighted when Slavia Prague defender Ondrej Kudela racially abused Light Blues midfielder Glen Kamara in March.

To have the initiative thrown back in our face by Provan is reprehensible on his part.

By all means go after Park if you think he needs to do more himself, but don’t bring our powerful campaign into focus and try to tarnish its impact.

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