Paramedic shares stories from Rangers fan celebrations in Glasgow

Radio Clyde welcomed a paramedic called Darren onto their show this week to share gruesome details of the abuse he endured as Rangers fans celebrated their title success.

George Square erupted on Saturday after James Tavernier lifted the Premiership trophy to cap an invincible league season.

However, the day was marred by outbreaks of violence across the city which the Gers have since condemned in a very strong statement.

It seems that NHS staff in Scotland were also targetted for vile abuse too with one paramedic detailing accounts of spitting, sectarian abuse and violence.

As shown in a clip on Radio Clyde’s Twitter account, Darren said: “I was actually a paramedic who was serving on Saturday evening. It’s the first time I’ve ever been involved in anything of that scale.

“I had a new start with me of four months in the job, she was due to be back out again on Sunday and basically, how traumatised she was she couldn’t commit to the shift.

“The level of abuse we took – we were basically spat on. The sectarian langue we endured. And this was from the moment the Rangers fans arrived in George Squad right through to half-past one in the morning.

“Even to the degree the colour of our uniform was getting brought up, using the F-word to describe – in a religious connotation – what we were.

“These are the types of knuckle-draggers you have to deal with.

“To be treated like that in the middle of a global pandemic, when we’re frontline workers to hand to stand and endure that level of abuse, to witness the police having bottles thrown at them for at least four hours solid, there’s just no words you can use for it.”


There are no words to describe this.

Some Rangers fans have questioned the validity of whether Darren was an actual paramedic on the job that day but would someone really be so sad to call in and pretend this happened?

We’ve seen video clips of some horrible behaviour at the weekend and if anyone showcased this kind of behaviour at an NHS frontline staff member – especially to the point of spitting – that’s just truly horrendous and those people need to be arrested.

We’re yet to see anything from the police in regards to people being arrested for their behaviour towards paramedics as most arrests seemed to be linked to violent clashes between supporters and the police.

Either way, what happened at the weekend was one massive mess and there are sections of support who need to hang their head in shame.

There are no excuses for some of the behaviour exhibited.

In other Rangers news, this leaked government email proves everything could have been different at the weekend.