Michael Stewart shares reaction as Police Scotland launch Rangers investigation

Michael Stewart has insisted that there are “serious” deep-rooted issues within Scottish Football after Police Scotland opened investigations against Rangers.

There have been accusations that the Bears squad were singing sectarian songs during their title celebrations on Saturday afternoon.

Stewart has urged clubs and the authorities to be the driving change behind these worries in the modern game and beyond.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, Stewart has been extremely worried by the silence from certain parties this week.

“The silence from certain quarters over the weekend has been extremely telling and the attempts to repaint what happened are equally so too.

“There’s some serious deep routed issues here in Scotland that are definitely not simply football related.

“These problems aren’t simply football related but football (clubs, authorities and the game in general) most definitely needs to be one of the main vehicles to drive change.”


We were waiting for Stewart to throw his pennies-worth into the discussion.

The anti-sectarian chants from fans obviously need to stop, but what more can the likes of Rangers do? They can start movements and campaigns, but do they ultimately do much?

There is an investigation against the entire squad after our celebrations, but the club has responded and believed the footage is doctored.

That would make sense, but we can’t point the finger too much.

All we saw was a squad delighted after ending this decade of torment at Ibrox, and we can’t be taking this at first glance without serious evidence, time to move on.

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