By Mike Slater

18th May, 2021 | 7:15am

Micah Richards silences Chris Sutton after nonsense Rangers remarks

Chris Sutton was left with pie on his face live on air with the BBC on Monday evening as his Rangers predictions were brought back up.

At the start of the season, the known Ibrox-villain predicted that the Bears will do “nothing” but they instead finished as champions and invincibles.

Micah Richards wasn’t about to let him off the hook and labelled his claims as “nonsense” as Celtic were embarrassed all season.

Speaking on BBC 606 Monday Night Club, Richards laughed in Sutton’s face as his arrogant remarks came back to bite him.

“You know what Chris is like,” he said.

“Every time he is on, he’s giving it the big one. His mouth is always going on it, and he said at the start of the season, Rangers will do nothing. They’ve won nothing and they’ll be nothing.”

Sutton tried to respond quickly by sounding clever, but he was left in silence to fight his own corner which didn’t work.

“That’s called a prediction, Micah.”

To which the former Manchester City player silenced him perfectly with a swift response that left the group laughing their hearts out.

“It’s called nonsense.”


We love any excuse to watch a clip of anyone pushing the buttons of Sutton, and Richards does it better than most after his punditry debut.

His laugh is infectious and watching the pain on Sutton’s face as he simply had to sit there and admit his wrong-doing.

The Bears were wonderful for the entire season, and even the former Celtic man will have to admit that his old side are in trouble.

They need a complete rebuild at Parkhead, something that we have done and are continuing to build with the arrivals of those such as Fashion Sakala.

It’s going to be brilliant to see the Bears start their era of dominance, even just to see the look on the face of Sutton on a yearly basis.

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