By Mike Slater

17th May, 2021 | 6:40pm

Richard Foster condemns Rangers fans after wild Glasgow celebrations

Richard Foster has condemned Rangers fans for their barbaric celebrations in Glasgow after the Scottish Premiership title was lifted.

The Bears crushed Aberdeen 4-0 to seal their invincible campaign, which sparked wild scenes at Ibrox and around the city afterwards.

Foster wasn’t impressed as footage highlighted how it went too far with damage being created unnecessarily throughout Glasgow.

The BBC Sportsound pundit’s comments were shared on their official Twitter account, and he made the bizarre reference to the Batman films.

“On-air DAB/Online/810MW discussing Rangers trophy day & the aftermath on the streets of Glasgow,” they wrote.

“Richard Foster condemning the scenes “It was like Gotham City.”

Add him to the list.

Just another BBC pundit condemning the Bears or their fans, this has become the norm over the past few years online and on the radio.

It is no surprise and it would be more shocking if they were to say something positive, although we agree this was out of order.

There was no need for damage to be created throughout the city, we understand gathering after the decade of torment, but this was too far.

It has to be left to the authorities to deal with this, with there also being no need for these BBC pundits to stick their noses in where it isn’t needed.

What is worst, is just how bad and childish this verdict is, we’d suggest for Foster to play as long as he can with Partick Thistle, as he isn’t a huge name for the BBC to keep.

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