By Mike Slater

15th May, 2021 | 7:15pm

Ibrox View: Chris McLaughlin aims to take shine off Rangers celebrations

Rangers finally lifted the Scottish Premiership title at Ibrox this afternoon after crushing Aberdeen easily 4-0.

It sparked mass celebrations in Glasgow, with fans gathering around not only the stadium but the entirety of the city.

The Bears haven’t had the best of relationships with the BBC, and that clearly continued this afternoon as fans gathered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Writing on his personal Twitter account after the title was lifted, Chris McLaughlin instead decided to concentrate on the celebrations outside.

“Rangers fans in central Glasgow following title lift,” he wrote.

“Club urged supporters to disperse. Large gathering now in George Square.”

Here we go.

We are just waiting for Nicola Sturgeon and her crew to start aiming swipes at the Bears, despite there being plenty of precautions in place.

This has nothing to do with the club, this is down to us fans, and who in their right mind isn’t going to celebrate this magnificent achievement?

McLaughlin doesn’t know when to stop, and all he can do is report the facts, but his comments on potentially dispersing have only set off opposing fans in his comment sections and giving them a platform.

Where was the disgust when Liverpool won the Premier League last season? When Leeds won the Championship? That was at the height of the pandemic, but there was slience.

We know it is hard for outsiders to accept the dominance of the Bears, but they are going to have to get used to it, the big difference? They’ll be there to watch it live from next season; good luck.

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